We did research to find one of the most credible organizations and programs. We chose the VHP of America Support a Child Project (IRS Tax ID #51-0156325).

SAC (Support A Child) program was started by VHP of America in 1985.

These children are selected from remote areas of India, many are orphans and all of them come from underprivileged backgrounds. Through SAC, these children have received the quality education they deserve and have subsequently obtained college educations, technical educations and even advanced degrees like PhDs and MDs. Today, many of these children are working as teachers, engineers, doctors and other professionals.

The SAC program caters to all, regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity.

Progress Reports

Every year, we receive progress reports of the children we are supporting.

We’re currently supporting 7 students. One of the reports is shown below:

Student progress report