Founded by students, Gift of Education is run entirely by student volunteers.

Our Story

Being aware and wanting to do something about the lack of educational opportunities for underprivileged children in developing countries, in 2011, we started the Gift of Education Fundraiser, an annual piano concert series to raise money to sponsor the education of underprivileged children.

We have initiated, organized, and performed concerts since Gift of Education was founded. With the help of our friends and patrons, we have successfully raised enough money to fund the education of several young middle-school girls, and we intend to support them until they graduate. Through a credible organization we identified in India after extensive research, we support students who are provided with food, medical care, housing, clothes, books, and schooling. We already performed our concerts for this year to raise funds for the 7 students we’re currently supporting. We are working on expanding the project to go from funding 7 students to 700 students and beyond.


There are hundreds of millions of children in developing countries who cannot afford to attend school. Because these children are unable to attend school, they enter the workforce as a child and remain there forever, earning minimum wage and remaining disadvantaged for their entire lives. It’s a vicious cycle: Poverty denies an education, and lack of education perpetuates poverty. This results in perpetual intergenerational poverty and lifelong suffering. The scale of this intergenerational poverty is enormous.

With everyone’s involvement, together, we can break this cycle.

Our Mission

Gift of Education strives to create a lasting solution to poverty by providing underprivileged children in developing countries the chance to obtain an education.

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